The Commandery of Master Winemakers of the Fronton Vineyards

Promoting and publicising the Fronton vineyards

The commandery of the Master winemakers of the Fronton vineyards brings together, in a convivial atmosphere, the Fronton winemakers and all those who wish to show their attachment to the wines of Fronton. Its objectives are to promote our wines and make them known in France and the world over.

Its History

The commandery was created in 1972 by a few winemakers who were anxious to bring to our vineyard area the recognition it lacked. Four Grand Masters have succeeded one another : Philippe de Naurois, the founder, followed by Jean-René Vidal in 1984, then by Raymond Guitard in 1997 and finally in 2006 by the present Grand Master, Maurice Rougevin-Baville. The most prestigious members include the composer Michel Legrand who was one of the Presidents of Honour of the Commandery. It is run by a
Magisterial Council with 15 members, and today 175 chapters have enabled some 1045 members to be inducted.

Powerful symbols

The Commandery acts as a showcase for the Fronton appellation. In this guise, it is present at numerous events, both local and regional, where its presence enables Fronton wines to be brought to the attention of a wide section of the public, particularly during the “Saveurs et Senteurs du Frontonnais” festival (weekend following the 15th August), at the Grand Fenetra in Toulouse, in late June every year. The main Chapter meeting, to celebrate the feast of Saint Vincent (patron saint of winegrowers/makers) has been held in Fronton at the end of January or beginning of February since 2007, with a High Mass, parade of companion guilds, a free aperitif for everyone, then a meal followed by an induction ceremony in a suitable hall in the area. The Commandery does its best to be present at chapter meetings and events organised by numerous guilds, whether wine-oriented or not.

 : La commanderie des Maîtres Vignerons du Frontonnais