The aromas of the wines of Fronton

It’s the Négrette grape which gives Fronton wines their special character. Much enjoyed for their aromatic intensity, they owe their originality to the aromas of the king of the Fronton grape varieties.

Red wines which are elegant yet easy to drink

The reds are often an assemblage of Négrette (always the majority grape in the blend) with Syrah, Cabernet…

The wines that are made to be drunk young, on the fruit, have characteristic aromas of black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry), flowers (peony, violet) and spices (liquorice, pepper).

The reds are elegant and supple, with velvety tannins. Wines for laying down, which are more powerful and solidly structured, are complex, rich and harmonious, sometimes developing hints of leather and candied fruits.

Fresh, aromatic, easy-drinking rosés

Particularly supple and fruity, the Négrette lends itself perfectly to the making of rosés. Usually of a fine, quite deep colour which is explained by the use of this original grape variety, Fronton rosés have a lovely intense aromatic quality, are unusually long in the mouth, and have plenty of body. Freshness and conviviality guaranteed.