• Wine makers’ Portrait Gallery

    Château Boujac,
    Michelle and Philippe Selle,

    Determined and idealistic, these former vine-growers turned wine-makers have made the choice to go for quality and for organic production, taking risks which are now paying off. Michelle and Philippe sometimes have stars in their eyes but they always keep their feet firmly on the ground. Devoted to the cultivation of vines, these earth-lovers could take for their own the old saying "Work hard amongst the vines, laze around in the cellar", given the care they lavish on their crops.
    It just goes to show that the earth is full of promise for those who know how to listen to it.

    Vignoble Arbeau,
    Anne and Géraud Arbeau

    Together, Anne and Géraud, brother and sister, are continuing to write the family history begun a century ago by their grandfather Pierre. Working in the vineyards, making the wine, but also carrying on the business of wine merchants, the brother and sister never stop.

    Staunchly upholding the values of the South-West to which they are deeply attached, Anne and Géraud sell wines from the Place du Capitole in Toulouse to the United States, from the Place Nationale in Montauban to China…. In short, to the four corners of the world.

    The wine growers/makers of Vinovalie - Cuvée Astrolabe,
    Patrick Tissonnières

    Patrick Tissonnières, wine-grower/maker from father to son, has his feet firmly planted on the Earth. If "l'Astrolabe" calls to mind the ship of La Pérouse (the French equivalent of Captain Cook) or an old instrument for measuring the inclination of the stars, for this lover of wines to lay down the Astrolabe is first and foremost a dense, pure Négrette wine, which he likes to marry with well-ripened cheeses.

    When you know that Patrick is the kingpin of the Conservatoire de la Négrette, you realise that this exceptional grape variety is very important to him. And if he takes to observing the stars, it's with a glass of Fronton in his hand !

    The wine growers/makers of Vinovalie - Cuvée Haut-Capitole,
    Jean-Michel and Clément Rigal

    There is 30 years' difference in their ages…. The father is an oenologist trained in Bordeaux, the son has a diploma from the Toulouse Business School. The former loves rugby, the latter is still playing football. Nowadays, they share the same passion for the family vineyard and its principal grape variety the Négrette - noblesse, in the form of the Fronton appellation, oblige…                                                

    Thus, the successor is already in place : brought up on the family estate, he is fully conversant with everything concerning the cultivation of vines with the aim of producing quality wines in complete respect of the "terroir" itself. Clément has always been quick to show interest and enthusiasm for any initiative that contributes to the development and recognition of the Fronton AOP and of its iconic grape variety. Given these ingredients, the handover from father to son now under way should have some pleasant experiences in store for Négrette enthusiasts, who, by definition, enjoy Fronton wines.

    The wine growers/makers of Vinovalie - Cuvée Inès,
    Cathy Capmartin

    If Cathy modestly explains that it's still her father's experience which helps her to manage 18 hectares of vines, she's nevertheless the one who's been running the family vineyard for the last five years.

    Mother of three, head of a business, a trainee member of the Vinovalie Administrative Council and on the Fronton site where she delivers her grapes, Cathy never stops.

    Bringing a feminine touch to this frequently male-dominated sector, this vine-grower is particularly proud of contributing to the making of an excellent rosé, which has been crowned world champion several times. An Inès-timable privilege…

    Domaine Roumagnac,
    Nicolas Roumagnac

    If this young wine producer has the build of a rugby player, that's because he's managed to combine his two great loves : the oval ball and wine.

    In 2010 this grandson of a wine grower/maker started to work with his friend Jean-Paul (whose surname also happens to be Roumagnac) to develop the sales side of the estate's wine business. And in just a few years, this team work has paid off. Now involved in the process from harvest to blending, Jean-Paul, who is passionately interested in oenology and in the local "terroir", has successfully used his experience as a salesman to develop the range and to market it widely, as far afield as the United States.
    Try converted !

    Domaine Le Roc,
    Frédéric Ribes

    The Ribes family runs the Domaine Le Roc, and Frédéric, who has made the Négrette his hobby-horse, is undoubtedly the joker in the pack.

    The evocative name of the Cuvée Don Quixote is an indication of the character and generosity of its creator. Very appropriate for this man who proudly styles himself a "paysan" (a man of the countryside, without the pejorative connotation of "peasant" in English.)

    Domaine des Pradelles,
    Noëlle Prat

    When she drops her harvesting basket, Noëlle aims for a basketball one.

    Far from Harlem, her favourite sports field alternates between the gymnasium and the vines, between barrel and hoop. The family estate has been in existence since 1869, and Noëlle, who took it over in 2012, is continuing the great saga. In Vacquiers, NBA could mean : Négrette and Basketball Addicted !

    Domaine de Lescure,
    Fabien Cardetti

    Fabien isn't the type to put all his eggs in one basket : he combines the jobs of a wine-maker, cereal-farmer and hazelnut producer. And if he's drawn an hour-glass on his bottles, it's because time matters very much to him.

    The third generation of the family to work the estate, the weather is just as important to the farmer/vine-grower as is passing Time…. And if his "Comme avant" (As it used to be) wine is slowly matured in oak barrels, the 100% Négrette is called "A l'avenir" (To the Future). This tells you that Fabien is a firm believer in this exceptional grape variety.

    Château Viguerie de Belaygue,
    Cédric Faure

    In the South-West of France during the Middle Ages,  a "viguerie" was an administrative jurisdiction.

    Although he does not dispense justice, Cédric Faure works with great judgement and respect. Devoted to the land and to this "terroir", he is very committed to bringing the best out of each plot of land.

    Château Plaisance,
    Marc Penavayre

    It's not the man who gets under the skin of the Négrette, it's the Négrette which gets under the man's skin… The Négrette definitely got under his…. it was in Vacquiers, as he remembers…

    It's here in this countryside port, above the Toulouse plain, that for the past 20 years Marc Penavayre has been getting the earth to speak for itself. It speaks Organic, it speaks Occitan, it speaks "Terroir"….. and the songs ends : "the Château Plaisance is the place for me !"

    Château Laurou,
    Guy Salmona,

    If he abandoned, almost 20 years ago now, the frenetic world of information technology for the love of vines and of wine, it was with the intention of making good, very good, Fronton.

    Today, Guy Salmona works about fifty hectares organically, playing on the nuances expressed by his "terroir" like a passionate musician. He is a true virtuoso of the Négrette and the blends made with it…. all in perfect harmony.    

    Château La Coutelière,
    Sylvain Bocquier,

    Sylvain, in his thirties, is the fourth generation of wine-growers/makers on the estate. Devoted to the care he takes of the vines and of the land itself, Sylvain ascribes great importance to working the soil, to keeping down the quantity of products he puts on it and to sustainable methods of cultivation.

    Far from putting on an act, his theatre is constituted by his plots of land, which gave their name to the Château and its wines. His target : quality !

    Château La Colombière,
    Diane and Philippe Cauvin,

    Taking advantage of an exceptional "terroir" in Villaudric and using cultivation and winemaking methods which respect the principles of biodynamic farming, using their secret formulae Diane and Philippe make some…magic potions ! Abracadabra….                                   After very careful maturation, the wines present fine aromas and great elegance.

    Château Joliet,
    Marie-Ange and Jérôme Soriano,

    Jérôme's accent betrays his origins. With Marie-Ange, he made his way up the Canal du Midi from Béziers to Toulouse to take a plunge in the South-West.

    They put their toes in the water (or rather in La Négrette) in 2010 when they took over the Château Joliet, going progressively from just vine-growers to wine-makers as well. Since then life has been flowing along (mostly) peacefully from medals to awards.

    Château Clos Mignon,
    Olivier Muzart

    "Please, draw me a sheep". (Le Petit Prince ; St. Exupéry)

    Olivier Muzart, a great traveller who is interested in everything, regularly goes around the world and its vineyards. From this, he draws the inspiration for his work and his philosophy of life. His wines in themselves are an invitation to travel.

    Château Clamens,
    Jean-Michel Bégué

    We will, we will rock you ! Singing!
    Under his rocker's leather jacket and tee-shirt, Jean-Michel Bégué has a true heart of…rosé ! To the extent that he has dedicated the superb rosé wine of Château Clamens to his daughter Julie, as a hymn to elegance and finesse. It just goes to show that you can combine electric guitar and secateurs, hard rock and great wine.

    Château Caze,
    Martine Rougevin-Baville

    To be the proprietor of a winery which is over two hundred years old and to keep it going with passionate devotion is a real privilege. For Martine Rougevin-Baville, who also adores music and hosts numerous concerts at the Château, this fine heritage certainly does not play second fiddle. Made with loving care, the Château's wines constitute a perfect aromatic symphony.

    Château Binest,
    Dominique Henry

    Dominique has more than one string to her bow ! Mathematics teacher at the high school, grower of fruit trees who takes great care of the apples and peaches in the family orchard and a passionately interested wine-maker, this lady from Fronton still finds time to go for a bike ride now and then. What energy !

    Château Bellevue La Forêt,
    Philip Grant

    Golf club or wine tasting club ? Philip Grant chose…..Both !

    If the phlegmatic approach seems very British, this neo-Frontonnais is nevertheless an Irishman. After a successful career in finance, Philip bought the Château de La Forêt in 2008, one of the most renowned vineyards in the Fronton appellation, thus making his dream of becoming a wine grower/maker come true.

    And to applaud the many medals he has won for the high quality of his wines, his team regularly sing him a chorus of  "Congratulations".

    Château Belaygues,
    Guillaume Veyrac

    In Occitan, Belaygues means "beautiful waters". A snail features on the capsule of the Château's bottles….. But make no mistake : if the place name or the reference to snail-farming are linked to water, Guillaume Veyrac's speciality is most definitely…. good wine ! For Guillaume, who stands on the markets in the region, there's no such thing as a mere customer : they're all friends. A good humoured family atmosphere prevails.

    Château Baudare,
    Clare and David Vigouroux

    When he met Clare, the mother of his four children, David Vigouroux opened his heart and his market… towards England.

    The fifth generation of his family at the Château Baudare, David Vigouroux, often elected "Best Winegrower/maker of the Frontonnais", produces a wide range of elegant, honest and delicious wines, with a special mention for his "vieilles vignes":  wine from old vines. Yummy !